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Anaheim Child Support Lawyer

Child support is a stipend paid from the non-custodial parent to the primary custodial parent, in order to contribute more fully to the cost of raising his or her child. In California, child support laws leave very little to chance. The courts rely on a specific formula, inputting the incomes and parenting responsibilities of both parents to determine the right amount of support your children need.

To make sure that your child support ruling is fair, it is critical that you make sure all of the facts are presented regarding both your financial situation and your spouse’s. If you suspect that your spouse is hiding income or earnings to avoid higher support payments, you need an attorney with the skills and expertise to uncover and successfully pursue that income.

Even if your child support agreement works perfectly for you and your spouse today, you never know what tomorrow may hold. If your or your spouse’s financial situation changes drastically, you may need to seek a modification of child support and recalibrate your payment schedule. A good attorney can make sure that this trial also goes fairly.

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