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When you and your spouse agree to settlements or are handed court orders during your divorce, you are expected to stand by them until further notice. Court orders and settlement agreements are legally binding, and to ignore them is a crime. If you are caught in breach of a court order, you could be held in contempt of court.

"Contempt of Court," in this context, is the term for willfully refusing to comply with rules set forth in a court order or other term of your divorce. This could include refusing to pay child support, denying your spouse contact with your children, or showing up after a restraining order has been set in place. If your spouse is refusing to comply with court orders, talk to your lawyer—by charging your spouse with contempt of court, he or she could be subject to serious penalties ranging from wage garnishment to jail time.

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On the other hand, you may be charged with contempt by a vindictive spouse despite doing nothing wrong—or there may be an explainable reason behind your actions, such as a sudden illness leading to you missing a visitation date. If your spouse is holding you in contempt, you need an Anaheim family lawyer with the skills to defend your case.

Our Anaheim family lawyers have successfully represented clients throughout Anaheim and surrounding counties in all facets of California family law. Whether you wish to hold your spouse in contempt or fight contempt charges held against you, contact us and schedule your free consultation with a top Anaheim family lawyer today.