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Grandparents’ Rights

No matter how much a parent loves his or her children, sometimes that parent simply isn’t the right guardian for the child at this time. Maybe it’s because of drug or alcohol abuse, or maybe both parents’ careers are taking them to dangerous parts of the globe. Whatever the cause, sometimes grandparents may step forward in the hopes of providing a safe and loving home for their grandchildren.

But as grandparents, do you have the legal right to make important decisions for your grandchildren? What is one parent is no longer on board with this arrangement and wishes to curb your rights to see your grandchildren? With the right Anaheim family lawyer, you can make sure that your guardianship is legally recognized.

Our Anaheim Family Lawyer Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Grandparents’ rights are constantly changing, but a good case on your behalf always starts with evidence of the bond shared between you and your grandchildren. Whether you are fighting for primary custodial rights of your grandchildren or simply want visitation rights after your child’s messy divorce, a skilled attorney can help you achieve your goals.

Our Anaheim family lawyers have successfully represented clients throughout Anaheim and surrounding counties in all facets of California family law, including grandparents’ rights and other complex child custody matters. For more information on your rights as a grandparent, contact us and schedule your free consultation with a top Anaheim family lawyer today.