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Enforcement of Court Orders

During your divorce, you and your attorney fought hard to obtain favorable court orders regarding child support, child custody, and other important matters. When a spouse then refuses to comply with these orders, it can render them meaningless. If this has happened, contact an Anaheim family lawyer to discuss an enforcement of court orders.

Refusing to comply with a court order isn’t just disrespectful: it’s illegal, and you have the right to take action and make sure that the order is enforced. Your family attorney can help you charge your spouse with contempt of court. If your spouse is found guilty, he or she could face serious penalties like wage garnishment, hefty fines, or even jail time.

In some cases, a sudden life change like illness or job loss can make it legitimately difficult to keep up with court orders that were previously manageable. If this is your situation, you could find yourself facing contempt charges of your own. A good attorney can defend your case and stress your need for a court order modification rather than enforcement.

Our Anaheim Family Lawyer Provides Skilled Representation

Our Anaheim family lawyers have successfully represented clients throughout Anaheim and surrounding counties in all facets of California family law. Whether you wish to enforce an order against your spouse or fight an enforcement order against yourself, contact us and schedule your free consultation with a top Anaheim family lawyer today.