Property Division Alimony

California is a “community property” state, which means that nearly everything accumulated during marriage is considered joint property and can be divided in the event of a divorce. To make sure that your property is divided in a way that is equal and fair, discuss your case with an experienced Anaheim family lawyer as soon as possible.

Different types of alimony work for different people. In lieu of traditional monthly alimony, you may opt instead for property division alimony. In this case, you would take a share of property and assets that the court deems fair to offset a reasonable alimony payment. This could allow you to hold onto a cherished home, for example, instead of having to sell the house and split the proceeds down the middle. If you think that property division alimony could work for you and your spouse, an Anaheim family lawyer can help you fight for your rights.

Anaheim’s Family Lawyer

Our Anaheim family lawyers have successfully represented clients throughout Anaheim and surrounding counties in all facets of California family law, including financial matters such as alimony. We understand that no two marriages are alike, and we work hard to reach solutions that are right for you, whether that includes traditional alimony or a property division settlement. For more information, contact us and schedule your free consultation with a top Anaheim family lawyer today.